We offer a full range of hard landscaping services, using top quality materials. Whether you are thinking of a new patio, path, deck or driveway, raised beds, pergola, water feature, fencing or wall, we can help you from start to finish, giving advice on choosing the right materials and carrying out expert installation in accordance with your requirements.

Examples of our hard landscaping work

Berkhamsted, Herts



This small terraced house had a side passage leading to a raised paved yard area at the rear, with access to a communal passageway. We levelled the side passageway using Indian sandstone, and installed a small wooden shed in this area, leading to new steps to a raised decked area with planters on either side to house the client’s existing plants. The decked area led on to a further raised area in which we installed a circular patio using Indian sandstone edged with contrasting red bricks, with surrounding soft landscaping areas. The existing retaining walls and fence to the side and rear of the garden were repainted and new trellis was installed on the walls for added security and decorative purposes. A custom-made gate was installed at the rear.

Sheen, South West London



We carried out a total refurbishment of the back garden to create a new patio area immediately outside the house using Indian sandstone, with a small retaining wall built using old London stocks, and steps up to a new lawn area. We installed garden lighting chosen by the client and a water feature adjacent to the patio area.  The lawn was edged with old London stocks, and led to a new raised seating area at the back of the garden with a small rose arbour, a new wooden workshop, trellis screening and a small alpine garden. Some of the existing planting was retained, and augmented with camellias, buxus, lavender, pieris, clematis, climbing roses, winter jasmine and various alpine plants.

Berkhamsted, Herts




This was a challenging project – the garden rose fairly steeply and there were various uneven levels to contend with, and immediately to the rear of the house was a variety of manholes and drains to which access had to be preserved, and which made it pretty much impossible to pave.  We advised the clients to deck this area, using yellow balou hardwood, with complementary retaining walls constructed using railway sleepers.  We constructed an airy wooden pergola above the deck to create height in this area, given its low-lying position relevant to the rest of the garden, but at the same time ensuring that the access of light was not interrupted.  We created and planted terraced beds to soften the aspect from the decked area, and low rising steps using the same materials, leading to a new raised patio area and then on to a further existing raised lawn area.  The patio was constructed using Indian sandstone and edged with railway sleepers to blend with the terracing and steps, and the existing retaining wall between the patio area and raised lawn was simply repointed and painted. New trellis was installed to the side boundary for additional privacy to the decked area.




Water features





“I would recommend William to anyone who is not quite sure what they want to do with their garden. He is great at ideas of what is possible and advice about what will and wont work. And once agreed, he just makes it happen through his hard work. Easy to work with and completely trustworthy, William has done a number of things for us over the years.”
A Sweet, Loudwater